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Please read the following terms and conditions then click accept or decline.

CLIENT SOFTWARE: Your computer must have Internet Explorer version 8.0 or later (Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher is recommended).
The certificates may only be installed on a PC.  Any other version of Internet Explorer or other browser software is not supported
and may not work with digital certificates and the Members-Only web site.

To get the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft site, click here.

SECURITY: When you send and receive data it is over a secure connection using Secured Socket Layer
(SSL) and digital certificate technology.

WEB BROWSER COOKIES: The Members Only Site requires cookies to be turned on. By default most browsers have cookies
turned on so there is no need to do anything - it works automatically; however, if you have explicitly turned cookies off in your
browser, you will need to reconfigure your browser to accept cookies or the Members Only Site will not work properly.
IMPORTANT: After a certificate request has been sent to PCCA do not remove cookies from your computer. Removing cookies will
delete imformation your computer sends back to PCCA to identify the correct certificate request. This includes programs
that automatically remove cookies from you computer, please verify that these types of programs will not remove cookies. To verify
that cookies are turn on in Internet Explorer, click "Tools", then "Internet Options." Click the "Security" tab, and choose the
"Internet" Web content zone icon in the upper window. Verify that the slider control is not set to "High".

INFORMATION COLLECTION: We do not collect information from your computer, however, we do collect
information to help us provide service in an efficient manner. We may also monitor activity to see if it is
within what we consider acceptable behavior ranges. We do not share with any other company information you may
give us.

MATERIALS ON THIS SITE: All materials on this site are for the exclusive use of PCCA members and are
copyrighted by PCCA. No material on this site may be transmitted or made available in any way to another party.
If PCCA has notice that a user of this site has violated the terms and conditions, PCCA may, in its sole discretion,
a) warn the user or (b terminate the user access to this site without warning.

SYSTEM INTEGRITY: You may not disclose or share your password or computer with any third party for any
unauthorized purpose. You may not take any action which imposes an unreasonable load on this site. You may not use
any software, device or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of this site.

ACCESS PROTECTION If you have any reason to believe unauthorized access to this site may be possible, you
will notify PCCA so we can take appropriate action. This would include someone selling or leasing your computer, an
employee leaving or any other change you would think we should know about.

CHANGE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: If PCCA modifies the terms and conditions we will notify you with new
terms and conditions and ask that you accept the new agreements.

When you click ACCEPT to accept the above terms and conditions it means that you have read, understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions.

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